Friday, June 1, 2007

80 GB Portable Media Center from Toshiba

Portable Media Center gadgets become more and more popular nowadays. The new Portable Media Center from Toshiba is on the top of the line thanks to its features. The last two models of this company are: V401 with 40 GB of internal memory and V801 with 80 GB of internal memory.

Its display is the wonder of today's LCD screens out there. It is a 4 inch display with 24 bit color. The resolution is 480 x 272 pixels and there is also a twist to it. This display has a built in light sensor that will help it to adjust the brightness of the screen in various lighting conditions.

It supports WM DRM 10 and WMA 9 Lossless which is enough for most of people. The cool thing about this is that it also features a 1Seg tuner and EPG for digital TV watching. So you can also record what you see with help of it. And you get this all while on the go.

It is very slim and has a thickness of only 0,95 in and its battery life is huge as apposed to other players of its class. It can play audio for 28 hours, video for 10 hours and 1Seg TV for 8 hours continuously.

Don't miss this gadget as it will appear June 1st in Japan. We just need to wait until it gets to us. The price of this thing is pretty high too: You will have to pay $ 409 for V401 (40 GB) and $ 491 for V 801 (80 GB).

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