Saturday, June 2, 2007

Is That a Projector in Your Pocket or a…Cell Phone?

The small screen on our portable device can sometimes prove frustrating and eye numbing. If Texas Instruments has their way, we’ll all be ‘gorilla projection artists’ and no longer will be all attempt to huddle around small handheld device in hopes of catching a glimpse of ‘Sasquatch’ in the wild. Now, we’ve reported on this before, but at the time there wasn’t a working prototype. Apparently at this year’s CTIA Wireless 2007 show, Texas Instruments showed off its mini DLP projector, called the Pico; small enough to fit in a cell phone – they had it inside a replica device. According to TI the projector will display in DVD quality (course it depends on the source) and is composed of a DLP, 3 lasers, and a power supply. No word when this thing will hit the street, but I’d expect the ‘power supply’ issue to be their last major hurdle.

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