Friday, June 1, 2007

Is it a watch? Is it a phone? No it's the Watchfone

Is it a watch? Is it a phone? No it's the Watchfone

The journey to our favoured watering hole can take us past many strange characters, such as the drunk perched on the park bench talking to his hands. It seems he was getting ready for the SMS M500 GSM Watchfone. As you might have sussed it is indeed a watch with a phone. In true Dick Tracy style users will be able to make a call minus the fumbling through acres of pocket.

Besides being a watch, its other claim to fame is that it is quite possibly the smallest phone in the world. It comes with Bluetooth 2.0, MP4 video playback and will play any MP3's packed into the 128MB of storage. A mini stylus is also provided, which will be a relief to those with obese fingers.

Whether it's a watch that thinks it's a phone or a phone that thinks it's a watch the alleged 80 hours of standby time and 200 minutes of talk time is more than impressive.

No official word on a European release yet, maybe the park drunk knows?

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