Friday, June 1, 2007

Personal Media Player from Blusens

If you want to get a PMP that would have a good base to support many multimedia files and if you want to share your multimedia with others then you might take a closer look at this gadget.

Blusens, a Spanish company has created a better PMP then for example ZUNE I think. Why is it better? Just because you can freely share your multimedia files via wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The main advantage of this gadget is Bluetooth 2.0 and support of Wi-Fi. Using these standards this gadget can transfer files to and from any compatible device like cell phone, PC, other PMP etc. No limits and no protection on the transmitted files.

Blusens G40 is the model that we are reviewing and it has a 2.5 " display. Not bad for a portable player, anyway it is better then iPod. On this display you can watch movies in MPEG 4 (XVid/DivX) format. And if the G40's screen is too small for you, you can watch movies on your home TV thanks to the video output that it has.

You can also view pictures in JPEG. It has a 1.3 megapixels digital camera so it will replace all the gadgets that you used to carry around with you, except for the cell phone. Music is the best part of this all; you can listen to MP3's and OGG files on the Blusens G40.

Where will you store all that? The answer is easy, this gadget comes in 1, 2, and 4 GB versions, the only difference will be the price.

If there is still not enough storage space for you, there is a SD/MMC cards slot. So you can increase the space as much as you want. I think this is a great idea, and very few players have this option.

Multiple files support (Music, Videos, and Pictures), a lot of storage space, and the best part: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmission is enabled. What else do you want for a perfect PMP? I think nothing.

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